#16) How to Turn Your House Into an Instrument

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Time: 8-14 Hours

Cost: If you live in a house with things in it…$0

Difficulty: Editing Wise, Super Flippin Difficult

Required Dancing Proficiency: High

Wow! Those Are Amazing Dance Moves!

Thank you, you are correct…they are pretty amazing. Unfortunately that level of dancing is something that cannot be taught. It can only be formed like water through a canyon… over many years of solitary bathroom jams to the spiciest of girls and the questiest of tribes. But what can be taught, is how to make sick beats with random stuff in your house.


You will Need

1. A Decent Sense of Rhythm: I’m sorry if this puts a large road block along your path to super cool house jams. But its just a fact of life. If your idea of rhythm is clapping along to a Celine Dion concert with your other white friends…you may wanna sit this one out. (too far?)

2. A Metronome: You’re gonna need this in order to make sure that all of the shots you take are in sync with eachother. Even if you have an incredible sense of internal rhythm, you’re gonna wanna do this, it will make things much easier. You can download metronome apps from the app store or google plus. This is the one I used.

3. A Percussion Section: This can include items such as: a counter, a door, a wall, a doorknob, a stove, a pot, maybe a pan, or a sink. Really anything you can bash something with that makes a thud sort of sound.

Except you mother in law's head am I right?!
Except your mother in law’s head am I right?!

4. A Melody Section: Even though everyone loves to hear organized bashing of things that make thud noises, sometimes its nice to get some high frequency and low frequency bashing as well. Do us all a favor…hit some cups filled with water (or blow on some beer bottles, or hit some more pots and pans, or blow on balloons)

5: Editing Skills and Shit Ton of Time: Even though this video was only 1:30seconds long, it took. SO. FRIGGIN. LONG. TO MAKE. So be prepared to have a good long sit down with Final Cut, or iMovie. I  guarantee your relationship with them will strengthen through all the ups and downs.

What did I learn?

First! I learned that I am not nearly as rhythmic as I thought I was. There were a many bashing of things that did not make the cut for that reason, and that’s okay…because I also learned that even if you are good at things, sometimes you’re gonna really suck at them. I know this isn’t the most deep realization ever, but hear me out.

For a long period of my life, I would beat myself up when something didn’t go well that I normally excelled at. Actually…I still do this. And it’s such a silly self destructive mindset, because it places the expectation of perfection on us whenever we do said activity. Which, for guys like me, makes that activity much more difficult to enjoy. So really, I think I learned to take it a bit easier on myself, to enjoy the process and all the flaws that come along with it. That, and editing this kind of stuff sucks. Seriously.


 Also this again, cause its awesome.

Please comment below if you have any questions, or wanna troll. Both are appreciated.

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