#15) How to Open a Banana (And Grab Life by the Balls)

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Time: Now

Cost: $0

Difficulty: Easier than its ever been

Ceiling Height: Infinite



Life’s Got Balls, Grab Em’

I am the kind of individual that desperately avoids the use of clichés. There is nothing more frustrating to me than the regurgitation and repurposing of inspirational quotes and ideas that have been beaten to a pulp more times than Young Chris Brown’s Teddy Bears. With that being said…though the topic of opportunity can be considered cliché, I believe so strongly in its importance, that I am completely willing to risk my artistic moral code (which is mainly based around obnoxious gifs) to share the balls of life with you. They’re much easier to grab than you would think.

You can juggle them too.

 This Shit is Banana’s

If you are an individual born in a well developed country at this point in human exsistance, you have been gifted beyond belief. Those of you lucky enough to have been born into this kind of situation (myself included), have been surrounded by nothing but opportunity since the day you were born. Though it can sometimes be difficult to find, once you start delving deeper and really looking close at the potential we have surrounding us it can almost be overwhelming. But god damn is it freeing.

Want to start a website? You can do it.

Want to change a little African kids life? You can do it.

Want to be a world leader? You can do it.

Want to set a world record? You can do it.

Want to be the next big startup? The government will freakin pay you to do it.

Want to express your religion and sexuality freely? For the most part… you can do it.

Want to be the next big Youtube star? You can do it.

With the emergence of the internet, lack of education is no longer an excuse. With the emergence of the internet, social status becomes infinitely less important. With the emergence of the internet, you can now fund anything…and I mean anything you want with the right marketing and vision behind it. Through using this tool we can access any resource we need to build our dreams

And that’s why I believe  there has never been a better time for any individual to take life, and grab it by the balls so hard its forced to give you success. No excuses and no bullshit. Just hard work, and passion. And I think that’s fucking incredible.

 Also, here is How to Open a Banana the right way


Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week.

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