#13) How to Affordabley Race Rally

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Time: 4-5 hours

Cost: $80 (assuming you have a car)

Adrenaline Levels: To the max

Slippy Slideyness: Slippy and Slidey as fuck



How do you make this happen?

For a large portion of my life I’ve dreamt about being able to go rally car racing, but never thought of it as even being in the realm of possibility. Excuses such as “You need to be rich to race rally” or “You need to be super good at racing to get into that” would always hold me back from even searching for opportunities to get into it. Thankfully, my brother messaged me one day saying there was a rally club A) in our home town, B) That you could use your daily driver in C) That only cost $80 to take part in and D) You needed no prior experience. And this was all found with a simple search on good ol Bing.

Just kidding
Just kidding

Steps (not the kind you find in a building)

Step 1-Own, or buy a car to race in: It doesn’t have to be expensive!! One of the top guys at the track bought his car for $650, and both my brother and I used our daily drivers (a 1989 Ford Probe and a 2007 Subaru Impreza). If that isn’t in your budget try to convince a buddy to go down with you in his car and offer to pay the registration fee. If you have neither money or friends, you may want to change how you’re approaching things in life.

Step 2-Identify a Club or Place Relatively Close by that does “Rally Stuff”: Use the internet. I heard google, Facebook and things like that are a good resource. If you don’t know what those things are, you better get your shit together.

Step 3-Line that shit up, and get er done: I apologize for the Larry the Cable Guy reference. It couldn’t be avoided.

You want to line this up, so worth it.

Rally Racing Tips

I had the chance to talk to a couple of vets at the track and they gave some really good advice for people coming out for their first race.

Tip 1- Don’t steer with the steering wheel: When its super slippery and slidey as fuck, cranking the steering wheel all the way to one side doesn’t do much to get you to where you wanna go. What you want to do (especially on ice) is turn the wheel a bit, and steer with the gas and brake. A better explanation is here!

Tip 2- When it doubt, all out: Are you pointing the car in a direction, but not going in that direction? Slam on the gas peddle, and chances are you will start to go where you originally intended to.

Tip 3- Look where you wanna go: When starting to rally race, a lot of beginners (including myself) look at the thing they are are trying to avoid running into. THIS IS WRONG! It’s much better to be looking at your goal location. For example if you’re going around a corner and are beginning to slide into a pylon, stop staring at the pylon, and look at the line you want to get back on.  Similar to any other sport, when you’re looking and pointed in the direction you want to go, you will be much more likely to make it happen.

Tip 4- Have fun: The people that are having more fun, and are more relaxed typically do better.

Case and Point

What did I learn?

When you want to do something in life…whether its rally racing, talking to that chick you’re in to, or starting that business you’ve always wanted to start… its all about taking action, and DOING IT. For the longest time I just assumed that rally racing was out of my realm of possibility, but one internet search, and $80 later I was rippin around an ice track having the time of my life. VISION–>ACTION–>REALITY.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk next week 🙂

Big thanks to Edmonton Rally Club, and all the fine folk out there that let me film them, and ask them a million questions







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