#10) How to do a Flip in a Plane

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Time: 45min-15 Hours

Cost: $0-$50,000

Badassery: 12 out 10 badass points

Number of Blown Minds: A Dangerous Number

 Ya you heard me, we be doing flips in planes and stuff

I know I keep going back to the whole blowing peoples minds thing. But for real this time. You wanna blow peoples minds? Tell them you, as in YOU the guy who has never flown anything other than shitty paper airplanes and RC helicopers , learned how to fly a plane and do a flip in that same plane… all in the span of 45min.


Also this in certain situations…but only if you really want to. And it works both ways ladies 😉

This can also happen…it goes both ways ladies 😉

So How do I Make This Happen?

Step 1: Work Your Network

Now. I’m sure a majority of the individuals reading this have, at some point in time, heard someone say something along those lines. “Its all about who you know” seems to pop up in daily conversations and social media more than Kim Kardashians butt.

What a classy pearl necklace


But there’s a reason it does. It is soooo much easier to find someone to help you out and share their abilities with you when there is some sort of social connector you can relate with. Even if that connector is three or four people away from that guy you met at the bar who works at an airport, its still a connection. And its the perfect place to start.

Talk to people who may connect in anyway to a small airport near your hometown or city (or far away depending on your budget). Be honest with them, tell them what you want to do, and if they can’t take you up, ask them if they now anyone who could. Even if you don’t find anyone who does this sort of thing right away, it will plant the seed… and I guarantee will lead to an increased chance of you getting in a plane and doing some crazy ass shit.


Planes animated GIF
Maybe not this crazy, but you get the point.


Step 2: Get that shit locked down

Once you’ve identified the crazy sun of a gun who will take you out, set a date and location with that individual immediately. This makes expectations clear on both ends, and will increase the chances of this actually happening. Also, offer to buy the pilot some beer and tell all your friends. People love beer, and people love people who do crazy shit in planes even more.

Step 3: Watch this video, it’ll show you how you actually do a flip in a plane once you actually get in it.

What did I learn from this skill?

Apart from how to feel like a total bad ass behind the joystick of plane…I learned the importance of treating every individual you meet with respect.

To bring value to every interaction you have with individuals, and to never burn bridges with people who have even the smallest potential to bring value into your life.

I know, that’s a lot of mildly cliche stuff being thrown at your face right now, but its true. If it wasn’t for the awesome and totally respectful interaction I had with the individual that A) got me hooked up with the experience and B) the individual who was crazy, kind hearted and talented enough to take me out, I would have probably been sitting at home playing with myself instead of flying planes. Which don’t get me wrong is great, but there’s a time and a place.

Building a network of super cool, totally badass people takes time. But it becomes 100 times easier once you start meeting every new interaction you have with individuals with value, and respect.

Thanks again, and we’ll talk next week


Big thanks to Brannan Johnson, Eric James, The Colosium and Ginger Kern for helping make this a reality.


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