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Routine is the Enemy

I meet a lot of people in their adult life that feed me the line “Once you get older, life moves by so fast. The years just kind of meld together”. I remember hearing that from one of my relatives once, and to this day it still scares the crap out me.

I don’t think its that getting older makes life go by quicker, but the building of a routine, of becoming comfortable that does. When you get older, its relatively easy to do this. Get a job, make money, get comfortable…and pretty soon everything just melds into one. We spend our lives in a constant state of "maintenance", working a job in order to buy things that maintain or elevate our comfort level. But one day we wake up, 80 years old with the realization that we've spent the majority of our lives…MAINTAINING instead of LIVING.

Routine is the Enemy.

A few years ago I felt myself falling into that routine. I was new to University, working a job I didn’t want to work and was putting all this time and money towards building a path people older than me were telling me to take.

So I decided to change that.

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